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Viewing the Club Directory is straight forward. From the Club Directory main page you can click directly on the Club you are interested in or you can click on "All Clubs" (at the end of the Club list) to get a full Club listing. The full Club will take a little longer to display the Club listing but it is handy if you want to use your browser to search for a person or phone number...

Updating Club Information - an overview

The Club Directory is really a collection of Microsoft Word files, one per Club. A Club file can be downloaded using the icon found in the top right corner of a Club listing.

A Club representative such as the Secretary or Chairman may download and edit their own Club details. They can then email the revised docment to a League Official. The League Official will make sure they know who sent the revisions, check the file content and then simply pop the new file on the website. The contents of the revised file will then be live for all to see.

The information in the Club files is important, not the way the information is formatted. The website will look at the information in the the Club file and then generate a page with the information it finds along with some useful links and icons. This means that when you edit the file you do not need to be worried about making it look right... the website will do all this for you. This makes doing updates a lot easier and ensures a common look and feel for all Club information.

As you would expect, there are some basic rules you need to follow when editing the Club file. These are outlined below.

Updating Club Information - the details

There are three steps involved with editing the Club information

  • Download and save the Club file (using Microsoft Word)
  • Make the edits you want to make
  • Email the revised file to a League Official for them to verify and upload it to the website

Download and save the Club file

In the top right corner of a Club listing you will find this icon. It is in between the print and help icons. Clicking on will bring up your standard browser Open or Save file dialog. It is a good idea to choose "Save File" and click OK. This will download the Club file to your PC.

You now need to find the file you have downloaded. The exact location will depend on the setting of your browser.

Once you have found the Club file you can open it in Microsoft Word by double clicking it, or choosing Open -> File from within Word itself.

Edit and save the Club file

This is the important bit. The Club file is very plain. Any formatting such as font size, colour, bold, underlining etc. that you see will be ingored by the website when it looks at the Club file. The website is just interested in key bits of information that it looks for. These key bits of information are words that end with a colon ':'. There can be key information for the Club, People and Teams.

Some useful tips.

  • All information is optional. You can remove the "word:" or simply leave it blank.
  • Most of the time you can simply copy from one place to another and then update the information.
  • Take a look at another Clubs file to see how they have done it.
  • Ask someone from the League for help.

Club information

There is some general Club information you can enter.

Affiliation number:
County FA:
Charter Standard:
Insurance end date:

for example,

Club: Chiptown City FC
Affiliation Number: GID123095
County FA: Berks and Bucks
Charter Standard: Charter Standard Club (2004)
Insurance end date: 31st January 2013

In the example above the Website: has no data. This is fine, it will not be listed on the Club Information. All information is optional.

People information

After the Club information, but before the start of the Team information you can choose to have details for the following people.

Youth Secretary:


Vice Chairman:
Welfare Officer:

e.g., here we have most of the Secretary details, some of the Chairman and Welfare Officer details and no Treasurer details. See below for a list of information you can add for a person. The blank line will be ignored.

Secretary: Fred Jones
Address: 1, Rotten Row, Old Mudtown, MK76 5HG
T: 01908 123456

Chairman: Charlie Swan
T: 01908 654321
Welfare Officer: Jenny Lostly

Within Team information you can choose to have details for the following people.

Assistant Manager:

Assistant Coach:

Fixtures Contact:
Assistant Fixtures Contact:


Manager: Mike Bother
M: 07987 123456
Coaching Level: UEFA B
Coach: Sally Sure
Coaching Level: FA1
Assistant Coach:
Fixtures Contact:

For any of the above Club or Team people you can add the following information

Coaching Level:
CRB Number:

Team information

Team information includes the following details.

County Cup:
Given Name:
Pitch shared with:


Team: U16
County Cup: Yes
Division: Div 1
Given Name: Raiders
Ground: Largely First School, Long Lane, Old Mudtown, MK76 7RP
Pitch: Pitch B
Pitch shared with: U15’s
Colours: Red / Red / Red/White

Send the new Club file to the League

With your Club file updated and saved you can email it to a League official. They will check the updates are coming from an appropriate Club official and then copy the new Club file to the website.

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